Rhino Ash

by Lindsey Black
Release: October 27th 2017

Ashley Jameson always tries to do the right thing, but that’s hard when your nephew keeps eating crayons, your niece is dressed as a pudding and your obnoxious older brothers crash the church’s Sunday brunch with the guy you’ve been crushing on for five years. Going to work to fight fires is a welcome relief from family obligations, until the Riot Squad arrives to investigate and Ashley once again finds himself dealing with his siblings. Oh … and Finn Hale.

But Finn’s dark past continues to haunt him. As work gets increasingly busy with a string of arson attacks on illegal immigrants, Finn steps in to be the shoulder Ashley needs to lean on, but Ashley struggles to do the same for the man he loves. Juggling family and work can be difficult, but Ashley soon discovers that the real challenge is when it’s not a struggle at all … because you’ll do anything for the ones you love.

Castles Perilous

by Kenn Sealey
Released: 5 September 2017

A novel opens with an author shooting himself in a boat on a misty Canadian lake. The best-selling author of the book then makes his fiction fact. He leaves behind a map in the form of his novel, a quest for his distant son to pursue, to recover a missing list of French traitors and keep the names from the wrong hands. As the fiction unfurls, secrets surface, and the realities come home to roost. Will Chris Carver unravel his father’s riddle? He must take a journey through time and across continents, following his father’s fiction to unearth the hidden facts, ultimately hoping for little more than his survival  … to the final chapter.

Snow Chains

by Kenn Sealey
Released: 24 August 2017

A young teacher goes missing in the Snowy Mountains of Australia, probably the latest victim in a string of murders in the forest over a long period. Dan Bannon goes undercover as the new teacher, trying to find the missing girl and stop the killer before he strikes again. Bannon uncovers many things, about the victim and the killer, and about himself as well. Killing can be the easy part; getting rid of the bodies tends to be the problem …

Sugarcane Lane

by Kenn Sealey
Released: 13 May 2017

Sugarcane Lane is a tale of treachery and death, love and lust, set in the Australian sugar cane fields. When your past catches up with you, your future looks bleak, unless you can do the unthinkable to keep your skeletons at bay. But will the price you pay be high enough? Will what you gain compensate you for what you’ve lost? When there’s no going back … how fast can you run?

Lindsey Black

Lindsey lives in Darwin, Australia, where the weather report permanently reads ‘humidity at 100%, only going to get worse’ for ten months of the year and ‘monsoon at 4pm, for exactly fifteen minutes’ for the remaining two. She escapes this oppressive environment to bushwalk for weeks on end wherever the mobile phone reception has zero bars for as long as possible and the weather report reads something along the lines of ‘blizzard likely’, between teaching and studying full time. She enjoys martial arts, music and mayhem, which explains the untidy state of her home where she attempts to write between splitting minimal amounts of spare time between her incredulous husband, lazy Chinchilla cat and crazed Siberian husky. If you expect her to sit and have a chat it’s best to have a matcha green tea latte with almond milk on hand, and your hiking boots within reach. Oh, and be sure to bring a guitar for impromptu jam sessions.

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Fishy Riot
Fishy Riot

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Kenn Sealey

Kenn Sealey is a retired teacher with an extensive background in education, technology, theatre, writing, editing  and music.

His purpose when writing is to provide a fresh approach and style, to entertain his readers, and to make them question their own values and attitudes through the foibles of his characters.


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